Rachel Okamoto- Student & New Mom

Rachel Okamoto- Student & New Mom

"Being me and remembering that I am my own person is what helps me combat postpartum depression"

“I just know that if I stop now that I’ll never go back” Rachel explained to me as I sat in her cute apartment with her family, watching her interact with her 3 month old baby, Logan. Rachel is pursuing a career in Elementary Education from BYU and hopes to graduate next year. Though she has a lot on her plate, she is deteremined to achieve her goals and dreams through hard work. Even with a young baby, Rachel is taking on 18 credits this semester at school, which is the most a person can take without special permission. 

But this isn’t the only challenge Rachel faces. Like many other women, she opened up about her struggle with postpartum depression. We shared with each other our own experiences with depression and anxiety before becoming mothers and how postpartum depression and anxiety has compounded with the other mental health issues we face, becoming harder to deal with than ever before. Despite the struggles, Rachel focuses on self-love as a remedy to the dark days. She says, “Being me and remembering that I am my own person is what helps me combat postpartum depression” She talks about taking how “me-time”, even if it’s just a walk, can make a world of a difference.

Rachel is an incredible example to her son and those around her of strength, determination, and love. I know her son, Logan, will be inspired to follow his dreams despite the challenges because of his mom and her experiences.

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