Kenzie Lock- Program Administrator

Kenzie Lock- Program Administrator

Prevent Child Abuse Utah prevention programs educate children to recognize abuse, engage children to learn safety strategies and empower children to report abuse

The minute I saw Kenzie sitting at her booth at the local convention, Wizarding Dayz, in Salt Lake City, I knew I needed to learn her story. Kenzie, running the Prevent Child Abuse Utah booth, was handing out flyers, candy, and selling cookies. Kenzie does more than just promoting this amazing cause at conventions, she is the Community & School-based Program Administrator. 

She explained to me that she helps children learn the signs of abuse and how to tell someone. Kenzie believes it’s all about education, but not just for the children. Prevent Child Abuse Utah also focuses on helping and educating parents on abuse and how to avoid/prevent it in the home.

Kenzie is passionate about preventing child abuse and realized that this was her calling after teaching at school for homeless children. Kenzie loves what she does because gets to see how this organization changes lives everyday.

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