Infinity Stones Makeup Looks

“At the dawn of the universe, there was nothing, then boom. The big bang sent six elemental crystals hurtling across the virgin universe. These Infinity Stones each control an essential aspect of existence.”
“Space, Reality, Power, Soul, Mind…and Time.”
(Infinity War)

In honor of Avengers: Endgame that just came out, my friend Camille and I decided to create looks based on each of the stones. We each did three looks. I did Time, Mind, and Reality and Camille did Space, Power, and Soul.

For Time, my inspiration came from the Eye of Agamotto, which holds the Time Stone. I thought, “If the Eye of Agamotto were a beautiful woman, what would she look like?” And I went from there. I made the eye out of clay and was planning on making a gelatin prosthetic for it, but I didn’t get around to that so I just glued the clay to my eye (which I totally DO NOT recommend). And the rest of look included lots of greens and golds. I included the Dr. Strange symbols on my neck as more reference to the Eye and what happens when the Time Stone is used.

Mind was a mash-up of Vision and Scarlet Witch. Vision was powered by the Mind Stone and Scarlet Witch got her power from the Mind Stone, so I thought it would be perfect to combine their looks. The gem I used for the Mind Stone in the middle of my forehead is actually from a board game we have called Century: Golem Edition, which is one of my favorites. Don’t worry, the game piece is in perfect shape. (:

Reality was inspired by the Aether and the idea that reality is liquid when using the Reality Stone. I used cream makeup in red and black to create a slick, goopy, liquid look for this stone. Let’s just say I had a red face for DAYS.

If you were to create looks based off of the infinity stones, what would you do? Let me know or create the look and then tag me @harlimcshinskycreative.

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