Bonnie & Lily- Mother & Daughter Advocates in the Community

Bonnie & Lily- Mother & Daughter Advocates in the Community

"I had tried many times to obtain a map of the canyons with no success until the water master sent me to get one. That's when it all started."

The hardest part of fighting for the environment for Lily and Bonnie? The living room. Bonnie describes how the living room had stacks and stacks of papers and Lily was constantly typing up more letters to send out. She said that the best part of saving the springs that provide water to Provo was finally being able to get all the papers out of the living room!

Lily, who turned 100 this year, has an incredible history of fighting for the environment and her advocacy not only saved Provo’s water supply, but left a lasting impact on those who knew her, especially her children. Many know Lily’s story, which you can read by clicking on the link below, but Bonnie has also fought to improve her city. Though Bonnie downplayed her experiences, she told me about fighting to protect Provo’s historic buildings that were being knocked down for new development. She also advocated for less restrictive skateboard laws and a park for her boys to enjoy their hobby. 

These women not only believed they could change things for the better, they put in the work to prove it. All while making sure to wear red lipstick. Lily made sure to reapply before the picture and Bonnie gushed about how gorgeous it looked on her, which it totally did.

Today, Bonnie takes care of Lily in the home her family has lived in since Lily was 16. They enjoy going on picnics to Utah Lake, working on bird puzzles, and being surrounded by loving family. And they continue to inspire future generations of women to believe in the power of their voice in their community.

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